Five Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant Quickly

Five Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant Quickly

Five Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant Quickly - Getting pregnant is no rocket science, because it just needs fertilization of female ova by male sperm in the uterus and the job is done.

Whichever position you adopt men on top, woman on top, standing or sitting style of mating if fertilization is happening the pregnancy will automatically follow.

However many couples do face problems in getting pregnant and there can be many reasons for the delay in pregnancy, low sperm count, blockage in fallopian tube. This can be detected by a visit to the gynaecologist.

If you are experiencing the problem of low sperm count these positions will help in making the sperms reach as close to the ova as possible to ease fertilization process.

Ovulation is the process in women of releasing an ova which starts travelling all the way from fallopian tube to the uterus and it takes one day for the ova to travel the distance.

While the sperm survives for 5-6 days in the women uterus , so it is important for the sperm to be as close to the egg as it can to fertilise it as quickly as possible.

Here these sex positions help by decreasing the travelling time and distance of the egg so that egg and sperm can meet in least time and result in successful fertilization.

Five Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant Quickly

This can be done firstly by not practising the positions like women on top, standing or sitting, because in these positions the cervix gets least exposure to the male sperm.

So we should try such positions where the bad ck flow of semen from vagina is least. Keep the women buttocks in such a position so that the male sperms can easily travel to the cervix.

Like you can place a small pillow beneath her buttocks to help sperms reach female cervix.

Man-On-Top Position

It is also called missionary position, which allows the deepest possible penetration in women thus making the distance least possible for the sperm to travel to the cervix. This is supposed to be the best position to get pregnant.

Doggy Style

In this position also the chances of getting pregnant are very fine as here also the sperms reach closest to the cervix. So this position also called rear-entry position is very beneficial in getting pregnant fast.

Here the man enters the women from the back and the women are on all fours.

Raise The Hips

Raising the hips by putting a pillow below the women’s hips is also very helpful, as in this position whole semen gets deposited in the female cervix. Thus increasing the possibility of getting pregnant.


This position exposes the female cervix maximum to the sperms. It can be done by lying side by side with your partner and then entering the female.


Orgasm is not any sexual position, but studies have suggested the importance of orgasms in conceiving of women. This is related to the contractions generated while orgasm in female cervix, which push the sperm as near to the egg as possible.

This causes the fertilization easily. Thus the main keys to getting pregnant is having fun and enjoy sex to the fullest with your partner.