Natural Induction of Labor Techniques

By the time a woman enters the 9th month of pregnancy, she starts getting impatient and restless. All she wants to do is go to the hospital and deliver the baby. Once the 36th week of pregnancy is over, labor can begin anytime.

But there are also ways to speed its onset through natural ways. Even though these natural methods for induction of labor may be generally harmless, it’s always advisable to refer to a certified medical practitioner first. Do not take unnecessary risks that may harm you or your unborn baby.

Natural Induction Of Labor Techniques

Black Coffee

Strong black coffee is supposed to speed up the labor process and also reduce the intensity of pain. But keep in mind that too much coffee may make you jittery and hyper.

Sexual Intercourse

Sex and a resulting orgasm is a very popular method of inducing labor. The act of intercourse is supposed to release chemicals that cause contractions of the uterine muscles.


This is a great way to induce labor and stay fit at the same time. Doing squats and walking daily helps the baby to move into the right position in the birth canal. This may also shorten the duration of labor.


This old therapeutic technique is supposed to be a great way to start labor. But do not, at any cost, try to practice it on your own. Acupressure must always be administered by a certified specialist. Some spots on the shoulders and the hands are supposed to be the pressure points for inducing labor.

Stripping the Membranes

You can ask your midwife or doctor to strip your membranes to help speed up labor. This means that they will run a finger on your uterus to weaken the sac. This sometimes causes the cervix to dilate and speeds up contractions.

Nipple Stimulation

This is one method that works even according to doctors. But great caution should be exercised because excessive nipple stimulation may cause very sudden and severe pain. The nipples should be massaged and twisted gently with the fingers. This releases substances into the blood stream that hasten the onset of labor.


Hot and spicy food is supposed to be a good way to start labor. The theory behind this is that the stomach gets disturbed because of the spices. This may cause the whole abdominal region (including the uterus) to contract and spasm.

Castor Oil

This is a very old method of labor induction. But it is extremely risky as well. Consuming castor oil usually causes loose motions, nausea and vomiting. This in turn causes contractions and pain. But it also results in the loss of essential nutrients. Women who drink castor oil may also get dehydrated. Please consult you obstetrician before following this method.

Evening Primrose Oil

This essential oil can be used from the 8th month onwards. Just consume a few drops daily to help speed up labor. In the 9th month, you can take a little oil on your finger and rub it inside your vagina (do this just before you get into bed at night). This makes the cervix soft which may make it dilate faster.