Overcoming Postpartum Depression And Anxiety The Easy Way

Being a new mother has its own perks and disadvantages. It is estimated that about 70% of all new mothers suffer from what is called the baby blues or postpartum depression. This usually consists of mild depression episodes, irritability, fatigue, confusion and sleeping disorders to only name a few.

Conquering postpartum depression is possible, but in order to manage such a feat, you must first recognize it for what it is… something normal. You are not a bad mother for having it, you are not psychotic and you will probably be a wonderful parent. Postpartum depression feeds on insecurity and ignorance. Let those go away and you will be home free.

5 Steps To Overcoming Postpartum Depression And Anxiety The Easy Way

Postpartum depression occurs mainly due to changes of hormones in your body and the drastic change that only a baby can bring. What you must aim for is to sort out your life and bring the stress to a manageable level. By following the next five steps you will do just that.

1. Get more sleep. I know it sounds hard, but let me tell you a secret: an infant sleeps about 12 hours a day, this means that in this time you can sleep too. You have to recover yourself and sleeping works wonders. Eventually you should try to establish a regular sleeping pattern. Quite often this proves enough to quell the most disturbing effects of postpartum depression.

2. You are not alone. Use the help of your family. Nobody expects you to do all the work. Most of the time, the family is very willing to help if given the chance. It’s the small things that matter. Ask you husband to bring the baby to breastfeed, let the others do some chores in the house. Talk with your family members and let them know of how you feel. Quite often they will be better than any psychiatrist and much more friendlier.

3.The baby is not everything. I know that this is rather hard to understand as a new mother, but take a break every once in a while to spend more time alone with your husband. This will help you reach a new balance. The baby is indeed a part of your life now, but there are some other parts too.

4. Exercise. Some women may feel low because they feel unattractive. That is wrong. As a mother you are now an accomplished woman. Being an accomplished woman doesn’t mean though that you don’t have to lose the extra pounds. There are a series of exercises that can be used even 3 days after the birth. The goal of this physical activity is not just to get fit. Remember that at its root postpartum depression is triggered by hormone imbalance, physical exercise releases endomorphine which will ease the symptoms.

5. Talk to someone. There are plenty of counselors and new mother groups willing to help someone in your position. Remember that what you are feeling is absolutely normal. Talking to other mothers who have gone through what you’re going, will show you that there is a way out and that you are well on it.

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