Sex During Pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy is a controversial subject as lots of moms-to-be find the idea of having sexual intercourse during the gestational period as embarrassing and disturbing. This happens mainly due to an incorrect perception of their bodies but also because the sexual desire usually decreases during the first trimester.

Previous beliefs about sex, your partner’s behavior and attitude towards pregnancy, your pregnancy mood swings and intense emotions as well as the physical changes your body undergoes during pregnancy can affect your desire of having sexual relationships with your partner.

Sex during pregnancy is more than enjoyable

One of the biggest concerns pregnant women have and one of the main reasons they avoid having sex during pregnancy is the idea that they could harm the baby. While this is completely false, it’s true that some discomfort may be experienced if the positions are not adjusted to the mother’s new body shape.

So if you want to maintain the same intimacy you had with your partner before getting pregnant, you can safely experiment whatever position makes you feel comfortable, both physically and mentally. As long as you both remain creative and open to discovering what causes you more pleasure, sex during pregnancy can be much more enjoyable than before!

And this is because your vaginal walls are thicker now and lubrication is more increased than usually, so you’ll experience more intense sensations during intercourse. Still, if you feel too tired to have normal sex, you can simply take a relaxing bath with your partner, to give each another massages or why not practice mutual masturbation, as this way the sexual attraction between you and your partner will be maintained during the nine months.

Giving up sex during pregnancy is not a good idea not only because it can cause frustration and disappointment to your partner but also because intercourse helps your entire relax, relieves headaches, enhances mood and improves your confidence level, which may be a little altered by seeing your body getting bigger and heavier as the belly grows.

If you feel your breasts too tender and sore, talk to your partner about this and ask him to be very gentle or not to touch them while having sex. You’ll still be able to experience lots of pleasure as the blood flow to your pelvis increases during pregnancy, heightening the sensations. Immediately after intercourse you may feel some abdominal contractions or cramps but don’t worry, they’re perfectly normal and your baby is fine!

However, if anything feels uncomfortable or if you simply don’t feel like stimulating your partner in a certain way let him know your feelings. Being open is the best way to overcome whichever fear may occur. If you want to have oral sex then have it, but make sure your partner doesn’t blow air in your vagina as this may be threatening for your baby. Excepting this situation, oral sex – either given or received, self-stimulation or any other erotic activity you two want to experiment is perfectly safe for the growing baby and beneficial for you as a couple.

Don’t worry if you experience a drastic decrease in sexual desire in the first months, hormonal fluctuations are responsible for that and not your feelings for your partner. You’ll most probably want to make love again during the second trimester as your body will feel less tensed and tired. Then again, the third trimester will come with a reduced sexual appetite but as long as you talk to your partner and share your feelings with him, you can surely find a way to make the last trimester pass easier and be as enjoyable as possible.

You can find out more about what’s allowed and what’s not allowed in sex during pregnancy by reading the testimonials about sex during pregnancy shared by other moms.