Trimesters Of Pregnancy

The 40 weeks of pregnancy are composing the 3 trimesters of pregnancy come with their specific changes in both the mother and the developing child. Knowing these symptoms and paying attention to all the new manifestations your organism undergoes is the best way to tell when something goes wrong and also an excellent way to stay connected with your baby even before giving birth.

As a mom-to-be, you’re surely curious to know abut baby growth during pregnancy month by month and what your little boy or girl is doing inside the uterus, how much is he or she growing and gaining monthly, which are the organs forming first and when exactly does the baby start hearing what you’re saying.

All these details are extremely valuable for a pregnant woman as the experience of carrying a baby and giving birth is absolutely unique and different from one pregnancy to another. So here’s what you should expect from the 3 trimesters of pregnancy, in terms of physical and emotional changes.

Trimesters Of Pregnancy

Specific symptoms for the first trimester

The first three months are marked by lots of changes in your body. You’ll suddenly start feeling more tired than usually, your breasts will become tender and swollen and you’ll experience morning sickness. Cravings or distaste for certain foods will most probably be present as well and mood swings will become part of your daily routine.

You’ll no longer have your period but you’ll feel the need of urinating more often and you’ll probably have trouble with bowel movements as well, due to changes in your eating habits. Headaches, heartburn and leg cramps during nighttime are also common symptoms experienced during this first trimester.

Signs in the second trimester of pregnancy

The second trimester is often described as the less tiring of all the three trimesters of pregnancy as during these three months nausea and fatigue usually go away, morning sickness disappears and mood swings are less frequent.

Still, this doesn’t mean all the pregnancy symptoms are gone. In fact, new signs start manifesting and these include body aches, especially in your back and abdomen, skin itching and patches of darker skin over the forehead, nose and cheeks – the so called mask of pregnancy, stretch marks on breasts, thighs, belly and buttocks, a darkening of the skin around nipples and the occurrence of the linea nigra. Besides these pregnancy symptoms you may also experience tingling or numbness in your hands and your feet, ankles, fingers and face will become swollen and puffy. But don’t worry, it’s nothing but water and it will quickly go away after delivery!

Symptoms in the last pregnancy trimester

As the baby is growing bigger, he puts more pressure on your internal organs so during the last months you’ll experience frequent heartburn episodes, breathing difficulties and sleeping problems. Also, the swelling of your face, arms and legs will continue to be present and it’ll be accompanied by an increased tenderness in your breasts.

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As you approach due date, your breasts will leak a watery pre-milk substance called colostrum and your belly button will stick out, announcing the big event. You may also develop hemorrhoids due to increased pressure on the lower body and you’ll be able to feel the baby moving lower in the uterus and getting ready to jump outside. So get ready for labor contractions, as they’re the last pregnancy symptom you’ll experience!

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