Veterans Day 2022 (Friday 11 November 2022)

Veterans Day 2022 (Friday 11 November 2022)

Veterans Day 2022 will be celebrated on Wednesday, 11th of November; it would be the 97th anniversary of Veterans Day. Veterans Day in USA is celebrated on 11th of November every year. This day is celebrated as the anniversary of the signing of the armistice; and as a result World War I between Germany and allied nations was ended in 1918. On the specified day of 11th November, the veterans are thanked for their remarkable services to the United States of America.

Veterans Day is an official holiday in United States in honour of those people who served US armed services also renowned as veterans. Veterans Day is celebrated by arranging various ceremonies, parades and other important events.


Veterans Day is basically projected to thank and privilege the US Military workers who worked hard to serve the United States in all wars, specifically the alive veterans. The day is celebrated by parades along with church services and in most of the places it is celebrated by hanging the American flag at half mast followed by a special period of silence is observed at 11 AM. Usually the schools are closed on the Veterans Day, but some do not, however particular arrangements are made in schools like special assemblies along with many other productive activities.

Veterans Day is celebrated by incorporating various prayers, ceremonies and most importantly the Parade which is the most important part of the celebrations on Veterans Day. People tend to realize the importance of patriotism on the Veterans Day and therefore very generous acts of serving food and distributing sweets have been noticed in different parts of the country.

As the official date to observe Veterans Day is 11th November so it is celebrated on the specified date, but if 11th of November falls on any week day, most of the communities withhold celebration on the following weekend or next one depending upon which one is closest to the date. All the Federal Government offices are usually off on the 11th of November; if it’s a Saturday on Veterans Day then the offices stay closed on Friday and if it’s a Sunday on Veterans Day then offices are closed on Monday. The government leaves it up to the Public and private schools to remain closed or open on Veterans Day and the same goes for the public transit system as it may be opened as a regular day or might follow a holiday schedule. Veterans Day is also a day when no Mail is delivered throughout the country.

History of Veterans Day

Veterans Day has a significant historical background as on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in the year 1918 a peace agreement was signed between the members of World War I and it came in to effect at the same time. The Armistice Day was first celebrated on 11th November, 1919. The president at that time made a stance that the Armistice Day must be completely packed with the solemn pride in the bravery of those soldiers who got martyred while serving the country and the day must be celebrated with appreciation and triumph. As 11 is the most significant number so there were many plans of parades, public meetings and brief withhold of business activities at 11 AM on the Armistice Day.

As the time went on and thoughts progressed, the United States Congress formally realized the end of World War 1 and stated that the Armistice Day must be celebrated with prayer and thanksgiving. The Congress also suggested that the president must give orders to call upon the officials of government to display the national flag of US on all the official buildings and offices of United States, folks of US were also said to be invited in schools and churches or other appropriate places in order to observe the day along with the provision of suitable ceremonies of friendly relation with all other folks.

On May 13, 1938, a law was passed which officially approved the November 11 as a legal holiday, renowned as Armistice Day. The Armistice Day was initially proposed to show admiration towards veterans of World War 1. After only few years, World War II required the vital and major recruitment of human services in United States history when the American armed forces fought in Korea. Then in 1954, the famous Veteran’s services organizations insisted congress to change the word “Armistice” to “Veterans”. Congress agree to approve the change and on 1st June, 1954, November 11 established as a day to honour all American Veterans who served US army all over the world.

The Uniforms Holiday Bill in 1968 took a step to push Veterans Day to the fourth Monday of October. The bill was passed and implemented in 1971, but it became a cause of uncertainty as most of the states in US didn’t agree to this bill and they were persistent on observing the day on 11th of November. In 1975, as a result of vast confusion the president of that time Gerald R. Ford approved a Public Law, which confirmed that the Veterans Day would once again be celebrated on November 11 from 1978 and so on. Till today Veterans Day is observed on 11th of November.

Veterans Day in US

Veterans Day is one of the most honourable holidays in United States, It is a federal holiday in United States on Veterans Day, partial American employees and most students get a day off from work and school. Veterans Day holiday is must in United States and if in any case Veterans Day falls on any of weekends then maybe Saturday or the earlier Friday is assigned as off or holiday, however if the Veterans day falls on a Sunday then it is usually observed on the coming Monday. Researches confirm that a fine percentage of employees plan to have a day off on Veterans Day.

All not so important Federal Government offices are typically closed on Veterans Day. No Mail is delivered on the day. All federal government workers are paid for the Veterans Day holiday; also there is a provision that those workers who don’t get a day off on Veterans Day are usually paid for the extra day in addition to their salaries.

Veterans Day is particularly important in United States now because of the diminishing numbers of existing Veterans of World War I. Many United States residents have grandparents who visually experienced the world war but only some were aged sufficient to serve the war actually.

The holiday originally was celebrated in remembrance of World War I, but now it includes veterans from all wars, clashes and present staff of armed forces. Armed forces are very important to US and therefore the day is celebrated with great compassion and devotion.

Some of the reasons for celebrating the Veterans Day with the same passion every year are given below:

  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam War
  • Desert Storm
  • Afghanistan and Iraq operations

Veterans Day tends to actively teach various values to the people and most importantly it makes those people feel special who have invested themselves for the sake of country and doesn’t ask anything in return even, therefore Veterans Day is backbone of patriotism for United States.

Veterans Day parades 2022

Veterans Day parades are very exciting and joyful for United States residents as they are the most honourable gesture of love and honour Americans have for Veterans. People actively take part in parades on Veterans Day students particularly enjoy it a lot. Previously the survivors of the war used to perform the parade and still they do but now the folks are also encouraged to take part in the parades session.

New York is the home to most unforgettable Veterans Day parades. Thousands of veterans gather at marked places in New York. All the past years Veterans Day parades have a significant role in the celebrations of Veterans Day and people look forward to them as one of the most honourable gesture to pay regards to the veterans who have served for the country and to those who are still doing so in different US military operations.

Veterans Day Parades 2022 are hosted by United War Veterans Council, Inc. Since its commencement the Veterans Day parade has given the privilege to thousands of nationals and visitors to pay regard to those who lost their lives in order to serve United States. People realize the importance of the sacrifices made by the Veterans to defend and preserve the freedom of democracy. The parades also give the opportunity for people to experience the military discipline and environment. Veterans Day is the special day which makes it possible for veterans and other military people to get close to the people and to accept love and honour at both ends.

National Parades on Veterans Day have grown and evolved in to new dimensions since its commencement; it not only grew in size or scale but also in national importance. The New York Veterans Day parade has made people learn a lot and is constant in times of war and peace. Parade is now a ritual for thousands of veterans, army officials and common people. The parade is covered and shown live my many of national and international TV channels; also it’s a major attraction for tourists. The Veterans Day parade evolves the sense of harmony, respect, honour and the love Americans have for their flag. The students participate actively in this patriotic and knowledgeable experience.

The parades are commenced at 11 AM in the presence of special nominated officials, Mayor and particular guests along with several readings and musical tributes. The New York Parade usually consists of 20,000 members including veterans, students, military officials and other significant people. The overall procedure takes 3-4 hours whereas the route is covered in 30-40 minutes by the participants. The New York parade generally covers the route of 1.5 miles. Different bands of students from various schools also participate in the march.

The veterans of the war are also encouraged to speak about their experiences of the war. The parades give the opportunity to Americans to particularly thank the United States Veterans and Army officials for their sacrifices and remarkable services. Various speakers including the officials insist upon the importance of Veterans Day and encourage it to celebrate even in a better way every upcoming year and it has been actually happening every year.


Veterans Day is solely celebrated to honour the services of United States Military. The day also incorporates a sense of togetherness, harmony, friendliness and untiring services of military officials for people of US. Thousands of veterans have died since the World War I in order to protect the people of United States against the foul forces. Veterans Day develops a sense of patriotism in people of United States by the inspiring Veterans sacrifices. Veterans Day also teaches people to give in love of country and various practices of providing free foods and giveaways are also seen in many noteworthy areas of the country; it shows the emerging realization and awareness of people. Veterans Day has a significant importance in United states history and therefore its perfect day to teach students about the patriotism while they can actually visualize it via the various ceremonies being held all over the country.

Veterans Day teaches a lot to people who aren’t aware of patriotism and brotherhood. The day regardless of anything is equally celebrated by all with compassion. Every year more and more people are becoming a part of countless ceremonies held at Veterans Day all across the country.

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Hence Veterans Day has its importance since it is celebrated to thank the most important pillars of the Nation, the Veterans and the military in service. Veterans Day raises the spirit of people and teaches them various skills related to tolerance, compassion, sacrifice and untiring efforts and above all the love for the country.

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