Birth | Pregnancy, Definition, Types, The Risks, & Stages

Pregnancy Articles - Getting ready for the birth of your child is a very fun and exciting experience. For first time parents there can be a great deal of anxiety due to the unknown of the birthing process. All of us have heard the horror stories of other people when it can to the grueling process of giving birth. However, with some planning and direction before it is time for the baby to be born you can help relief the anxiety as well as have the type of birthing experience you want.

The Different Types of Birth

There are generally two types of births – vaginal and caesarean. A vaginal birth involves the mother being able to deliver the baby by assisting it with processing down the birth canal with the head emerging first. It is possible the baby will need the help of special tools called forceps if the head is caught at the opening of the vagina.

A cesarean birth is considered to be a form or surgery. It involves the stomach being cut lengthwise and the baby being taken out from that opening. It takes longer for the body to recover from a cesarean birth than a vaginal birth. Cesareans are done when the life of the baby or the mother are at risk during a vaginal delivery. They are also done when the baby is turned the wrong way. Some cesareans are scheduled in advance and others are done in an emergency situation.

How to Create a Birth Plan

It is a good idea to come up with a birth plan that those involved are aware of as well as the doctor. This will help you get the best experience for the birth of your child. Make sure you know what items you plan to take with you and pack them a few weeks before the baby is due in case the baby decides to make its entrance earlier than anticipated. Decide who will be in the delivery room with you and what their role will be. If you have taken Lamaze classes or other type of childbirth class then this will be simple to identify. Discuss the options for pain medications in advance with your doctor.

The Risks Involved with Giving Birth

Even when a pregnancy goes well without any signs of complications there can be issues that arise during labor. Make sure your birthing plan includes how each of these situations will be handled. If the baby is stuck in the birth canal or is not in a position to come out head first then a caesarean may have to take place. Make sure you are prepared for anything that may happen during the delivery and your doctor will assist you with the necessary decisions that may have to be made at that time.

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