Early Signs of Pregnancy and What To Do Next!

By Jennifer Clark, Early Signs of Pregnancy and What To Do Next!

First learning that you are only 2 weeks pregnant is the beginning of a long adventure into motherhood that only begins with pregnancy. Each step of the way, there is something new to discover and feels like your experience is unique. Yet, when you share your stories, it seems like so many others can relate with similar experiences.

Early pregnancy affects women in so many different ways. It is probably safe to say that you will begin noticing changes in your body and how things fit sometime around when you are 4 weeks pregnant or into your second month of pregnancy. One of the first things women notice is a missed period. Another sign of early pregnancy can be morning sickness. It's not always obvious though, and can be confused with symptoms of mild illness. The feelings of nausea are not always in the morning either!

Finding out you are pregnant is one of the most exciting times for a new mother-to-be. You will have many mixed feelings about the future and what will happen next. The first priority should be to find a good OB-GYN physician. They will insure you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy which is critical for the health of your baby. The doctor will put you on track with the proper diet and prenatal vitamins too.

Other concerns you will have is calculating a due date for your baby. How do you know if you are 2 weeks pregnant or if you are 4 weeks pregnant? Well, the doctor will know based on how well you kept track of your cycle. Then, you will begin to wonder about choosing the right baby name! This can take months to decide, so take your time. It's an important decision to make.

Experts agree women are interested in learning more about their body and the changes they go through during pregnancy. Many questions they are asked are about pregnancy problems, like anemia, stretch marks, postpartum depression, and serious birth disorders. Most of these problems are never present and only affect a small number of pregnant women. There are many books on these topics and your doctor can help you too.

Whatever advice you choose to take, pregnancy and motherhood are a wonderful new experience and you should enjoy each and every moment! There is lots of expert advice about pregnancy and parenting your baby, so take time to learn all you can!

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