How Much Weight You Should Gain | Pregnancy Weight Gain

There are lots of questions regarding the pregnancy weight gain that come to the concerned mind of most pregnant women. Well, there are several things that you must keep in mind regarding how much weight you should gain during pregnancy. It is very important for you to understand that when you gain too much weight, it is dangerous not only for you but also for your baby.

The unfortunate thing is that most pregnant women do not give much attention to this and that is the reason why majority of women gain excess weight during the pregnancy. As per the statistics, in America alone, almost half of the all pregnant women are either obese or overweight. What is even more disturbing is the very fact that almost seventy percent of the women who were normal weight before pregnancy have excess weight gain during pregnancy.

Risks Of Being Overweight During Pregnancy

As mentioned above, it is dangerous for mother and the baby if the mother gains too much pregnancy weight gain. Some of the negative outcomes that being overweight during pregnancy might bring for the mother include the following.

  • Premature birth
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Birth defects
  • Toxemia
  • Cesarean section (with complication)

What is more, any one of the above things can simply lead to heartbreak. Moreover, it is not just the mother that may have to face the negative outcomes of being overweight during pregnancy, but it may also put the baby in danger. As per a study published in the journal Pediatrics, if the mother is overweight, it is very much likely that the baby will have congenital heart defects as well as other birth defects.

Besides that, there are fifteen times more possibilities that the baby of the overweight mother will have to suffer from various weight problems themselves. This will eventually force them with a lifelong struggle and medical risks. Furthermore, women with excess pregnancy weight gain usually have longer labor and more C-sections. The excess weight gain pregnancy poses increased risks to various complications, such as blood clots, infection, and excessive bleeding.

The Standard Pregnancy Weight Gain

Weight gain and pregnancy are co-related. The following information intends to give you an idea about how much pregnancy weight gain is considered as standard in proportion to rest of your body.

When height of the pregnant woman is 5′

  • Less than 102 lbs is Underweight
  • 102-132 lbs is Normal weight
  • 133-147 lbs is overweight, and
  • More than 148 lbs is Obese

When height of the pregnant woman is 5’2 inches

  • Less than 107 lbs is Underweight
  • 107-141 lbs is Normal weight
  • 142-157 lbs is overweight, and
  • More than 158 lbs is Obese

When height of the pregnant woman is 5’4 inches

  • Less than 116 lbs is Underweight
  • 116-152 lbs is Normal weight
  • 153-170 lbs is overweight, and
  • More than 171 lbs is Obese

When height of the pregnant woman is 5’6 inches

  • Less than 123 lbs is Underweight
  • 123-161lbs is Normal weight
  • 162-180 lbs is overweight, and
  • More than 181 lbs is Obese

When height of the pregnant woman is 5’8 inches

  • Less than 130 lbs is Underweight
  • 130-171 lbs is Normal weight
  • 172-191 lbs is overweight, and
  • More than 192 lbs is Obese

When height of the pregnant woman is 5’10 inches

  • Less than 138 lbs is Underweight
  • 138-181 lbs is Normal weight
  • 182-202 lbs is overweight, and
  • More than 203 lbs is Obese

Overall, you must keep in mind the above things about the pregnancy weight gain.