Pregnancy Due Date Calculator | Calculating The Days Of The Nine Months Long Journey

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator - You might be wondering some time that how come the doctor figures out your pregnancy due date with that ease and much of your surprise, most of the times, they are accurate also. Is there something like Pregnancy due date calculator? Well, there is no calculator as such but there are certain formula and technology, using which, the majority of the doctors can calculate the due date of a pregnant woman with much ease and more accuracy.

In fact, there are several ways in which the pregnancy due date can be calculated. Sometimes, the doctors use methods with computerized applications, in which, they simply count nine months from the day of the last woman period. However, there are certain other traditional means also that can be used to calculate the due date of the pregnancy. The good thing is that each pregnancy due date calculator usually brings good results.

The end of the nine months

When it comes to pregnancy calculator, there are several methods that are used to calculate the due date for pregnancy. Various ages, regions, countries, and ethnicities have brought up these methods. It was even before the advent of mass transit and communication when people were able to calculate when the nine months would end. However, today, we have more effective and advanced methods that give accurate results.

However, even ancient civilizations were also able to calculate the pregnancy due date, that too, with outstanding accuracy, using numerous ways. Those were the times when alchemy and medicine were relatively advanced for their age. China was the more notable among them and the Chinese pregnancy calendars were very popular. This calendar was very helpful in accurately calculating the gender of the baby. All you would need to use the conceiving date and the age of the mother, and the calendar would have told the pregnancy due date.

As time passed on, several civilizations like the Native Americans invented several methods that seemed strange to some but they were very accurate in calculating the pregnancy due date. These methods would usually use various moon phase for various date calculations. Accurate gender prediction was also very common then.

In the present scenario, as per the most utilized formula to calculate the pregnancy due date, you have to add the nine months from the starting of the last period and then subtract two weeks from them. You can put it more simpler. Now you can calculate the pregnancy due date by simply adding 40 weeks to the 1st day of the last woman period and then subtracting fourteen days from the subsequent date thus received. This pregnancy due date calculator is better known as the last menstrual period formula or in short, LMP.

Naegle's formula is another simple pregnancy due date calculator. Just like any other modern method, this method also requires the first day of the last menstrual period as inputs. In order to determine the due date, all you need to do is just to go back 3 months and then add 7 days to the subsequent date thus received. The eventual product received is the pregnancy due date.

Whatever technologies the modern pregnancy due date calculator use is not more than ninety eight percent accurate.

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