Pregnancy Foods To Avoid

Pregnancy Foods To Avoid

Pregnancy Foods To Avoid - So, you've got a little baby on the way and now you want to know what the do's and dont's of pregnancy are, well, you couldn't have made a better choice, you're babies health and safety are HUGE priorities and there are many, many harmful things out there.

Hopefully this article will help you understand what pregnancy foods to avoid and you can start to plan better and more healthy meals for yourself. Here are just a short few of the foods to avoid:

Seafood is a bad choice of food as the things contained within seafood could be damaging for your babies nervous system, things like high levels of mercury. Now, don't think this just means raw seafood, you should not eat any seafood at all if you want to be as safe as possible, just avoid any sort of fish until your baby is born, that is the best option you can take.

Caffeine is a definite no-no, caffeine is not particularly good even for adults so it is obviously not going to be good for a developing baby, it can join into a babies blood and even result in a low birth weight or abortion. This is definitely something to avoid altogether.

Herbal teas are another bad idea, although they are supposedly very soothing, they have been known to increase the chances of a misscariage and preterm labor, so avoid drinking any herbal teas during pregnancy.

Definite pregnancy foods to avoid are:

Alcohol - This is one of the ultimate no-no's, do NOT drink alcohol at all when you are pregnant or you WILL regret it, this is very high likeliness to cause major problems for your baby. Stay away from alcohol.

Not a food but has to be mentioned - Smoking - This is another big problem, smoking can cause major defects with a developing baby and maybe even fatal in some cases, steer clear of smoking when pregnant for your babies sake.

Those are just a few pregnancy foods to avoid but there are many more things you have to understand in order to keep your baby as healthy as possible, there are so many risks out there it's unbelievable. Find out what you need to do and do it, it could be the best decision you ever make.

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