Symptoms And Treatment For Pregnancy Constipation

Pregnancy constipation is a normal pregnancy symptom. However, there are several ways that you may use to prevent constipation from occurring frequently during pregnancy. Following tips will certainly prove valuable when it comes to get rid of the pregnancy constipation.

Exercise Daily

If you want to keep the constipation away during pregnancy, make sure that you exercise daily. Several exercises during pregnancy, such as light to mild walking are very effective in preventing constipation to happen and it provides morning sickness relief. These exercises help the bowels to loosen and they make you feel less bloated.

Drinking Lots Of Fluids Or Water

Drinking lots of water or other fluids is also an effective method that can help you keep the constipation away. You should increase the intake of water because this way you do not only keep your intestine healthy, but it is also good for your baby’s health that is growing inside you. In normal circumstances, it is always good to drink at least 10 x 8 ounce glasses of water on a daily basis. However, if you are living in a place that is hot and humid, you should further increase the intake of water. Actually, when you drink lots of water or fluids, it helps in keeping your body hydrated and this in turn prevents pregnancy constipation from occurring.

Vitamin And Calcium Supplements

During pregnancy, it is very important for you to take vitamin and calcium supplements in appropriate quantity. However, you should also keep in mind that there are some supplements that may cause constipation and bloating rather than preventing the same. Therefore, you should take only those calcium supplements that tend to easily dissolve in the pH of vinegar such as TUMS and Cal citrate. On the other hand, there are supplements like antacids.

You must avoid these supplements because they contain aluminum and it may cause constipation. Likewise, you should take only those vitamin supplements that have been specifically prepared for the pregnant women, keeping in mind their specific digestive tract. Such vitamin supplements also contain iron, Folate and B Vitamins, which are essential to be taken during pregnancy. What is more, they are also effective in keeping the nausea during pregnancy and constipation away.

Alternate Between Hot And Cold Food And Drinks

One of the best ways to keep pregnancy constipation away during pregnancy is to alternate between hot and cold food and drinks. Let me give you one simple example to do this. You can either drink a cold fluid or eat ice chips and then drink a warm fluid, such as tea. If you do so, it will in turn stimulate and tone the bowel and will also help in releasing the gas, building up in your bowel.

Take Rest

One simple way to keep the constipation and pregnancy high blood pressure away is to take rest as much as you can. But, you must note that when I say rest, I mean bed rest.

Overall, the above tips are very effective in preventing pregnancy constipation.

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