Advantages Of Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage carries a wide array of benefits throughout the pregnancy period. However, depending upon your health conidtion, you must discuss with your midwife or physician before you seek a therapist to do the massage. Pregnancy massage might range anything from a full body Swedish massage to light massage work.

The massage during pregnancy may also include other modalities such as circulatory work, reflexology or cranial sacral therapy etc. choose a massage therapist that is not only trained to do massage but also in various other modalities. If the therapist is certified in massaged during pregnancy, it is much better.

It is very important for you that the therapist you have chosen understands what is good what is not good for the mother as well as baby. You must keep in mind that the massage positioning of the mother changes as the pregnancy progresses. For example, if your pregnancy is more than twenty-two weeks, it is not safe for you to lie on your back.

What To Expect During The Pregnancy Massage

Massage during pregnancy is as important as is the exercise during pregnancy. If you are going for the massage therapy during pregnancy, there are several things that you must keep in mind. For example, when it comes to time factor, a pregnancy massage session usually takes somewhere between sixty to ninety minutes. The therapist let you support with pillows as you lie on your side. The therapist will drape you with a sheet and will expose only those parts that require massage.

Benefits Of Pregnancy Massage

There are virtually endless benefits of pregnancy massage and various exercises during pregnancy. Some of the advantages can be discussed as follows.
  • Massage during pregnancy reduces swelling in the hands, feet and ankles
  • It also helps in lessening the sciatic pain
  • The massage eases muscular discomforts in certain areas of the body such as the low back and the neck, calf cramps, etc. the massage also helps with the tension and tightening that you may experience throughout the body
  • It also relaxes tense muscles and may also help in increasing flexibility.
  • The massage helps with the relaxation that eventually helps in decreasing insomnia
  • The massage increases the flow of blood and lymph. This in turn helps in increasing the toxins elimination through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Moreover, this can also provide you much relief from fatigue.
  • The pregnancy massage increases oxygen in the blood.
  • It also strengthens immune system
  • Endorphins is the natural pain killers in your body and the massage stimulates its release.
  • A proper massage during pregnancy also helps in relieving the anxiety or depression
  • Blood circulation is also increased. This eventually helps in delivering more oxygen and nutrients for both the mother as well as the baby.
  • Last, but not the least, the pregnancy massage also provides relief from stress which mothers usually feel after the delivery of the baby.

However, there are certain precautions also that you must take. For example, you should avoid eating heavy meal and take good pregnancy nutrition before the pregnancy massage. Drinking large quantity of water or any other liquid before the massage is also not good.

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