Aware Of The Pregnancy Risk Factors

There are several pregnancy risk factors that each expectant mother is expected to be aware of. For example, pregnancy and depression is very usual. Some of these factors can even adversely affect the development of the fetus into a healthy baby. Again, you might find some of these factors that are within your control while there are other factors as well that may not be under your control. Following are some of those important pregnancy risk factors. In order to make things much easier for you, it is important for you to understand these things.


How many times have you heard in your life that smoking is injurious to your health? Pregnancy is something that must be dealt with much care and precaution. Therefore, needless to say that when you are pregnant, do not smoke. Smoking during pregnancy is not only injurious to your health but also for the upcoming baby. When you smoke during pregnancy, the quantity of oxygen that the baby receives is decreased. This, in turn, maximizes the possibilities of bleeding, miscarriage, and morning sickness. Again, when you smoke, you also inhale certain chemicals that may also cause certain other health problems both for you and for your baby. Other possible consequences may also include pregnancy high blood pressure, premature birth, reduced birth weight, stillbirth, and more risk of SIDS.


Consuming alcohol during pregnancy is more dangerous than smoking. Medical problems, low birth weight, and behavior abnormalities are some of the possible consequences of consuming alcohol during the pregnancy. Therefore, an expectant mother should stop drinking as soon as she gets the knowledge that she is pregnant and is responsible for a life that is growing inside her.

Drugs And Herbal Remedies

Sometimes, certain drugs and herbal remedies may also cause certain complications during pregnancy and must be treated an important pregnancy risk factor. Therefore, make sure that you are taking only those medications that has been prescribed by your doctor or health care provider. If you take medications without consulting your doctor, this may sometimes adversely affect the growth of the unborn baby.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy is important as it can make things much easier fro you at the time of labor. But, you must keep in mind that only those exercise that your doctor has approved for and that fits on your medical and health condition is the right for you. Always remember that exercise must be of mild nature as over-exertions may be very dangerous both for you and for your baby. It is important for you to start with light exercises and reduce the intensity of exercise when you are close to labor. Walking, swimming, and yoga are some of the good pregnancy exercises and they usually do not cause any pregnancy risk.

There are various other pregnancy risk factors as well that seek your careful consideration. For example, multiple sex partners can increase risk of STD's and increased pregnancy morning sickness. The mother's age is also an important factor. You must keep in mind that pregnancy before 15 years and after 35 years is riskier. Some other factors include heart disease, excessive stress or depression, asthma, and bleeding.

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