Can Pregnancy Make You Smarter?

Pregnancy most often associated with difficulties as our bodies are changing and hormonal levels significantly change. But there is an unexpected effect many fail to consider or simply don’t know about. Pregnancy can make you smarter!

Scientists have recently discovered that motherhood gives women a sudden jump in ability to memorize and learn. This positive effect is a direct result of baby birth and can last several decades.

While conversation of a new mother might be limited to “baby talk”, her brain goes through a fast development as she prepares to bring a new life into this world. New mother’s senses develop as she prepares to recognize her baby, using smells and sounds.

It’s build into us by Mother Nature and developed by centuries of civilization but only now becomes a fact recognized by science. Article published in Scientific American Magazine by Kreg Kinsley and Kelly Lambert mentions that motherhood associated with many benefits as brain of the mother tries to grow to be able to respond to new requirements presented by body condition.

Biggest problem comes from inability of new mother to use new abilities of her brain due to constant luck of sleep and physical weakness after delivery. Sleepless nights also effectively mask new abilities and perhaps overcoming this problem can make all the difference.

These positive changes in your brain direct effect of hormonal changes in your body as result of taking care of your baby. Hormonal misbalance during pregnancy, baby delivery and breastfeeding also cause growth in parts of your brain and produces effect described in this article.

As you can see, pregnancy can and will make you smarter. Just one thing remain – overcome the constant feelings of being tired. Which is perhaps the hardest part, as we all know. But informed is forewarned so consider this to be your warning.

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