Coping With Pregnancy Back Pain

The reasons for back pain during pregnancy are understandable. Many revolutionary changes, mind level and physical, happen with the woman, during this period. Therefore, pain in the back during this time is a common compliant. More than 50% of the pregnant women suffer from it.

The main reason being, the extra weight of the baby which changes the center of gravity of the mother’s body causing back ache. Hormonal changes during the early part of the pregnancy other contributory factors for the back pain. The other characteristics of pregnancy such as loosening ligaments between the pelvic bones and joints in preparation for the birth of the baby and urinary infection also contribute to back pain.

You need to distinguish between back pain and severe back pain in a pregnant woman. If it is severe back pain, it may be a pointer to some other serious types of problems. This requires thorough investigation and treatment.

The cure for back pain during pregnancy lies not in medications but in exercising. Try to keep the right posture, avoid artificial strain, walk properly, maintain good body mechanics, avoid slouching, use a lumbar cushion or a pillow and do appropriate muscular exercises in consultation with your physician or physiotherapist. Most of the back pain problems are resolved thus.

Know and practice certain practical hints. Frequently change the sitting position and do avoid standing for long periods. You need to take proper rest and sleep adequately. Never wear high-heeled shoes. Use flat shoes only. High-heeled shoes create back pain, even in the normal course without pregnancy. To walk on those shoes in pregnancy is both dangerous and harmful.

Yoga is helpful and good at all times, for men and women of all ages. But during pregnancy its practice cannot be overemphasized. No doubt the regular practice of yoga will make the body of the pregnant woman healthy and strong. Still, the woman should consult a professional yoga teacher to know the safe and helpful asanas for her during the pregnancy. Many special maternity classes are conducted by the yoga professionals to teach yoga postures which are beneficial and easy to practice during pregnancy. Reportedly such exercises help in the process of normal delivery of the baby.

So, if you have back pain during pregnancy, do not consider it as a disease. Do consider it as a natural development, and try to meet it as a development in the natural course. Do not be stressed. Delivery is normal process of the creative force of the nature. So, there is nothing to worry as such about the back pain during pregnancy.

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