Fitness And Exercising During Pregnancy

It is healthy to exercise during pregnancy provided you exercise cautiously. Women can exercise all nine months of their pregnancy. Gentle exercise, of different kinds that are appropriate at various stages of pregnancy must be followed. These exercises will help you keep your whole system healthy. During pregnancy one must try to strengthen and tone the pelvic muscles. If you do the right exercises you can reduce backaches and maintain flexibility in the joints and keep them firm. By exercising you could improve sleep.

Gentle exercise will help release endorphins, which will help elevation of mood. If you want to relieve yourself of backaches you must concentrate on toning you thighs, back and buttocks, this will also help in improving your posture. Stretching exercises will maintain joint flexibility, as joints will have ample lubrication with synovial fluid. Exercise will also burn some anxious energy and help you sleep better.

Spinning, pelvic strengtheners and swimming are three exercises that soon-to-be mothers must follow. Swimming helps ease the back and legs during pregnancy, as it is a good cardiovascular exercise. This exercise is best during the later stages of pregnancy and is enjoyed by most women even though the relief is temporary. If the cardiovascular system is activated by exercising, the endocrine system gets regulated which in turn fills up muscle tissue and makes the joints flexible.

All the muscles are put to use while swimming. The burden on the knees of additional weight is lessened and you could do breathing exercises while wading. These exercises can be done in between laps.

Spinning could be a terrific exercise as long as it is not strenuous and must be done before you enter your last two months. Spinning also has the same benefits as swimming. The cardiovascular system is activated, and it is good for the stomach as well as the pelvic muscles. Spinning also helps to maintain the shape of the legs and prevents falls. It also helps the muscles that are required during delivery.

You could exercise for 10 to 15 minutes on a stationary cycle, but if you feel dizzy or there are signs of bleeding, intense pain or fluid loss you should stop at once.

'Kegels' is the exercise that is commonly recommended for good reasons, as this exercise helps develop all those important muscles that play a vital role in giving birth. How will you know which muscles to exercise? Imagine you are urinating and in between you are making an effort to stop urination. Tightly hold back those muscles for a few seconds and then release them and relax but do not tighten your legs or stomach. Breathing exercises are also very essential. You must breath in and out maintaining slow and regular intervals.

Once you know that you are pregnant and want to begin exercising, consult your physician. Ensuring the safety of the baby and yourself is very important so ask your doctor to suggest the kind of exercises that are safe for you. Do not take any risks. Stop any exercise that may cause palpitation of the heart. During pregnancy do not make weight loss your main priority while exercising. You have to keep fit and increase both your mental as well as your physical well-being.

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