Keep Healthy By Monitoring Pregnancy Weight Gain

Pregnancy can be an amazing time in a woman’s life. Suddenly carrying around another life inside of you can make you feel equal parts powerful and overwhelmed. Certainly with this extraordinary change comes a multitude of questions as you learn as much as you can about keeping your baby as healthy as possible. Along with the regular visits to the doctor come the inevitable discussions about pregnancy weight gain; how much is too much? And who do we, really, eat for two?

Recommended pregnancy weight gain is different for every pregnant woman and depends largely on your weight and general health prior to becoming pregnant. While the average recommended pregnancy weight gain is 25 to 36 pounds, those women who were overweight prior to pregnancy are normally asked to restrict pregnancy weight gain to 15 to 25 pounds. Additionally, for those women who were underweight prior to becoming pregnant, their recommended pregnancy weight gain is normally on the higher side with 28 to 48 pounds. There is no exact science when it comes to pregnancy weight gain; these numbers are used as general guidelines. It is up the doctor who is monitoring your pregnancy to determine your optimal pregnancy weight gain, dependent upon the factors unique to you and your pregnancy.

No matter what your recommended pregnancy weight gain, you are best to keep your diet as natural and fresh as possible. Minimize your intake of foods with high salt, fat, and preservatives. Build a diet around whole foods by increasing your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. More than likely, your doctor will recommend an increased caloric intake of 200-300 calories per day. But again, the numbers will be dependent upon your situation.

Recommended calcium allowances are also normally increased at this time. Low-fat yogurt, milk, and cheese are great ways to introduce additional calcium sources to your diet.

Pregnancy weight gain, while expected, should be monitored closely by you and your doctor. Those who gain too much or too little during pregnancy are opening themselves up to a host of problems. In fact, elevated pregnancy weight gain is linked to hypertension and gestational diabetes, as well as a number of other problems.

Stay committed to a healthy diet during pregnancy and work with your doctor to avoid any problems. Your reward will be a comfortable pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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