My Weird Experience With Early Pregnancy Testing

If you are trying to have your first baby, you have probably experienced how excited your wife can be with early pregnancy testing. We have been trying to for years to have our own baby, and frankly my wife has been addicted to these tests. She had it so bad that she developed EPTS (Early Pregnancy Testing Syndrome).

Our doctor has repeatedly told her that research has shown that early pregnancy testing is not always accurate and it takes about two weeks to accumulate enough HCG for a test to give a positive result. He told her that in his opinion, the tests are a waste of time and money. But there was still no stopping my wife from using the test to discover if we have finally managed to create our own offspring.

My wife orders cases of pregnancy test on the Internet; she stores them in our bathroom so she can satisfy her early pregnancy testing Jones whenever she wants to. She would share her frustration with me. She told me that waiting for three minutes to come with a result can seem like hours. I have often seen her in sitting in our bath counter, holding the test in her hand, begging the line to show up.

It can be amusing to watch her go through her early pregnancy testing ritual every morning. She would stand there after the three minute waiting period and twist the test in every angle possible. She would do a lot of things with the test like putting it right up her nose or holding it at arms length.

I can’t help but smile when I see her squinting her eyes in the hope that the blur in the test will turn into the positive line. She even ripped apart a testing kit to see if the line is more visible outside the casing. One time, she even dug out an hour old test from the trash bin to see if a line has miraculously appeared.

You might think that her obsession with early pregnancy testing would end when she finally became pregnant. She couldn’t believe that she finally tested positive. It took five positive results from five testing kits to convince her that she was finally carrying our baby. She had seen too many negative results that she didn’t recognize a positive result when she saw one.

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