Staying Healthy With Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time in woman’s life. A baby growing inside of you can feel like a miracle; and it can also make you feel a little off your game. If you’re a person who is used to being physically active pregnancy can be a bit of an adjustment. Or perhaps you are someone who has recently committed to a diet and exercise plan to help foster a healthy pregnancy. Either way, pregnancy exercise is well within the limits of a healthy pregnancy and something that can help you feel in control of your body a little more as you make this incredible journey.

First and foremost, pregnancy exercise at any fitness level is only meant for those women who are experiencing healthy, uneventful pregnancies. Further, regardless of what pregnancy exercise you want to try – at any time during your pregnancy – you should always check with your doctor beforehand.

Generally during the first trimester, women are permitted to continue with an exercise program that has already been established. This does not mean that now that you are pregnant you should start running every day if you haven’t been running up until this point. Do not engage in new exercise – this is not the time. But if you are feeling well, are not experiencing any bleeding, and have been given approval from your doctor, it is safe to continue with your previous exercise routine. You may find, however, that as pregnancy exercise, this previously simple routine has become more difficult. Fatigue, upset stomach, and a myriad of other early pregnancy symptoms may hinder your physical performance.

Walking during the first trimester – and throughout pregnancy – can be a wonderful pregnancy exercise. It gets your heart pumping without putting unnecessary strain on your joints.

During the second trimester, when you begin to feel well again, your energy level may suddenly increase. With the blessing of your doctor, you may want to engage in more strenuous activity. Again, it completely depends on your level of health and the advice of your doctor.

No matter what pregnancy exercise you do engage in, you should always pay close attention to your pulse rate to be sure you are not over-exerting yourself. Be sure to drink plenty of water – more than you may be accustomed to drinking – to protect yourself against dehydration.

The third trimester can continue as the second but an ever-expanding belly may prevent you from accomplishing some pregnancy exercise. Adjust your expectations as your situation continues to change and check in with your doctor every step of the way. Remember that has your due date nears you need to be vigilant to signs of labor. Use care with pregnancy exercise at this time.