Termination Of Pregnancy

When it comes to termination of pregnancy, in most cases, the pregnancy loss usually happens in the very first trimester of pregnancy. When the pregnancy is lost much before the twentieth week, it is termed as miscarriage pregnancy, but when it is lost after twenty weeks, it is termed as stillbirth. As per the statistics, fifteen percent of all pregnancy loss occurred in the first twenty weeks of pregnancy. The primary reason in most cases was chromosomal abnormalities in the fertilized egg. chromosomal abnormalities is the wrong number of chromosomes that prevents the eggs from growing properly. In other cases, eggs were not planted in the uterus the right way.

Factors That May Lead To The Termination Of Pregnancy

Termination of pregnancy has been a common thing and many women face this. However, there are several factors that may lead to the loss of pregnancy. Some of such factors are as follows.

  • Increasing age is one of the primary reasons that may lead to pregnancy loss.
  • Another reason may include getting pregnant within two to three months just after giving birth
  • If you have diseases such as poorly-controlled diabetes or lupus, it may also be a big threat to pregnancy
  • Certain problems with the uterus or cervix are other main reasons
  • If you have a family history of genetic defects or birth defects, it can also raise your risk for miscarriage
  • A personal history of two or more consecutive miscarriages may also be the reason for further pregnancy losses.
  • Signs To Termination Of Pregnancy

There are several signs that you may experience in your body, indicating the termination of pregnancy. For example, sometimes, you may begin pregnancy spotting that your breasts are suddenly losing their tenderness and swelling. Another signs may include when fetal heartbeat is not found during a routine prenatal visit. It may also be found that the uterus of the pregnant woman is not growing as it is supposed to be. In most of these cases, the embryo or fetus usually stops developing before you start spotting such signs. There are certain other symptoms also that may also indicate a heartburn pregnancy. For example, you may require a dilation and curettage, in which the tissues are either gently scraped or suctioned from the uterine walls.

In usual circumstances, within a few days after discovering the termination of pregnancy, you may pass the products of conception, such as placenta and fetal tissue or embryonic. Sometimes, you may experience the same right after the pregnancy loss.

Physical Recovery From Termination Of Pregnancy

In usual circumstances, it may take more than five weeks to get recovered from the termination of pregnancy. However, it is obvious that it will take much more time for the recovery of the emotional impact. This is the time when the woman need full support on both personal and professional front. The good news is that in most cases, when you are ready try again and your doctor approves for the same, it is very much likely that within a few months after you experience the termination of pregnancy, you will again be pregnant and this time things are more likely to be in your favor.

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