Why Do I Have Hot Flashes During Pregnancy?

If you’re experiencing hot flashes during pregnancy, you’re not alone. Anywhere from 50% - 70% of women experience hot flashes or night sweats during pregnancy. Most women experience the sensation of increased warmth while pregnant. You may find yourself kicking off the covers in the middle of the night or trying to squelch an unquenchable thirst. If kicking off the covers is accompanied by soaked sheets, consider yourself normal.

As in menopause, estrogen levels fluctuate during pregnancy. Some studies show that low levels of estrogen are the root cause of hot flashes, but many more studies prove that it’s not a low level, but rather a fluctuating level of estrogen that set them off.

In pregnancy your body is going through so many changes that a hot flash or two may not concern you. But if these hot flashes become embarrassing or unbearable it’s time to seek treatment. Hot flashes during pregnancy must be approached differently than in menopause. Since pregnancy has its own set of "do’s" and "don’ts" hot flash treatment must be handled with caution.

You must find a natural treatment for your hot flashes during pregnancy. That means that hormone therapy and the use of herbs are out. For obvious reasons you don’t want to introduce hormones to control your hot flashes during pregnancy. But staying away from herbs may not be so obvious. Since herbs are natural it seems that you should be able to use them. Not so. Herbs can do all sorts of things to the body and when you’re pregnant, plus interact with other medications you may be taking. Now is not the time to begin experimenting.

More natural and simple strategies will ease your hot flashes during pregnancy. Begin by wearing layers. Simply slip your sweater off when you begin to feel too warm. Don’t be shy about turning on a fan or turning down the thermostat. When you cool down, readjust the temperature. And do always carry a beverage with you. Not only are the fluids good for you, but they will help fight off your hot flashes during pregnancy.

If the experience of hot flashes during pregnancy is just one more symptom to make your life miserable during pregnancy, hang in there. It does get better. Visit a support chat room or a local support group. It’s amazing what a relief and comfort it is to talk with someone experiencing the same symptoms, aches and pains, and hot flashes as you are.

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