Lanning to Take an Online Pregnancy Test

If you are planning to take an online pregnancy test, there are certain factors that you must take into your careful consideration. There are certain questions related to the signs of pregnancy. These questions must be answered before you proceed for the online test. The expecting mother starts experiencing one or more signs of pregnancy once the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus after conception. This implantation takes some time – may be about a week. Let me give you a brief insight into some of the symptoms of pregnancy that you must analyze before you go for the online pregnancy test.

Occurrence Of Light Spotting

When implantation of the fertilized egg starts occurring before the beginning of the next period. The light bleeding caused by the implantation is usually pinkish or brownish.

More Frequent Urination

If you are urinating more often than usual, it is one of the early sign of pregnancy. After seven to twelve days, the temperature increases at ovulation. This is the time when women experience urination that is more frequent than usual.

The Temperature Of The Elevated Body

If the temperature of the body is increasing slightly at ovulation, it is considered as normal. If the temperature of your basal system stays elevated after ovulation is done and remain elevated for the coming two weeks can be one of the earlier indications of pregnancy.

Irregularities In Menstrual Period

If you miss a Menstrual Period, it is considered as one of the usual pregnancy indications. When you go for an online pregnancy test, irregularities in Menstrual Period become an obvious sign of pregnancy. However, it is not certain that missing a period means you are hundred percent pregnant. There are various other reasons as well that can cause regulates in periods. For example, it might happen because of stress, illness, reactions to medications and foods.


If you are experience tiredness and lack of energy, it might also be considered as a very early sign of pregnancy. However, you must also keep in mind that it is usually very difficult to differentiate from other types of fatigue. If you are feeling tired, it is the result of the specific changes in hormones in your body. When the levels of new hormones in your body are adjusted during pregnancy, this tiredness usually disappears.

Tenderness In Breasts And Nipples

When you go for an online pregnancy test, and you feel tenderness in breasts and nipples, it can also be treated as a sign of pregnancy. However, such feelings of tenderness in breasts and nipples do not stay for long. They go away as soon as the body adjusts itself to the new levels of hormone.

Feeling Nausea?

If you are pregnant and feeling nauseated, it is generally termed as morning sickness. Such feelings can occur anytime – no matter whether it is day ort night. Again, you should also keep in mind that it is not certain that every pregnant woman should feel nauseated. In general, only half of the women experience nausea during pregnancy.

When you go for an online pregnancy test and find more than one signs as discussed above, it is always prudent to use one of the home pregnancy tests.