Online Pregnancy Test

Online pregnancy tests are software designed to calculate whether a woman is pregnant or not by giving her a questionnaire to answer. In the online pregnancy test questionnaire the questions are:

  1. The age;
  2. How many days from the first date of last period;
  3. Whether or not she was using any birth control measure;
  4. The date on which she thinks she conceived;
  5. Symptoms;
  6. Intercourse;
  7. Feeling of being bloated;
  8. Whether the woman has been under stress;
  9. and so on.

Such tests may give a correct or incorrect answer but do not replace an urine or blood test. Home pregnancy tests are done to determine pregnancy from privacy of your home. All the home pregnancy test kits use the presence of a hormone called hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) as the measure to determine pregnancy.

Though these home pregnancy test claim to be sensitive enough to detect pregnancy by the time you have your periods, they are not sensitive enough and you will require to wait at least two to four day after the first period is missed. Some brands may be more sensitive that other brands.

It is required that before purchasing a home pregnancy test kit, you check the validity of the kit i.e. see to it that it is not past expiry period. All these kits have control indicators, if they do not show up properly there are chances that this kit might be out of validity, especially if it has been lying around in the house for a while.

It is also very important that while using home pregnancy test kit all the instructions given by the manufacturer are followed. Each manufacturer has different types of kits for which the instructions of use vary. Otherwise the kit will not yield correct result. Home pregnancy kits are a better option than online pregnancy tests.

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