Pre Pregnancy Planning For Nutrition

Supplementing with necessary nutrients is very important for any pre pregnancy planning for nutrition. It simply means that you are required to do the best when it comes to avoiding and eliminating foods that can affect your health negatively.

Planning For Nutrition

If you want to decrease the chances of premature birth and avoid any complications at birth, it is very important for you to plan your conception planning before hand, much in advance. Moreover, it is equally important to supplement with all the necessary nutrients that is essential for a good health.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids is also known as EFA. Omega 3 is on e of the best Essential Fatty Acids, a healthy intake of which by is necessary for a woman. Omega 3 is an important element any Pre pregnancy planning for nutrition. The intake of omega 3 carries numerous advantages. For example, it can improve the intellectual capabilities and the brain development of the baby. Moreover, it can also decrease the chances of Asthma in the newborn baby. Maternal diabetes can also be controlled with a healthy of intake of Omega 3.

Things To Remember Regarding Essential Fatty Acids

There are various things that you must take into careful consideration when you are considering essential fatty acids as part of your planning for pregnancy nutrition. Let me give you a brief insight into that.

  • When it comes to a healthy intake of omega 3 for essential fatty acids, many people start relying on fish. Well, in that case, you need to be very careful. This is because if you do so, you are inviting trouble. A heavy intake of fish may bring the risks of heavy metal contamination from mercury. Fish comes at the top level of a food chain and it is very much likely thnat it contain heavy amount of metals – irrespective of which type of fish you consume. This way, if you continue consuming fish as your Omega 3 essential fatty acids in heavy amount, you are simply inviting major complication at birth. The most severe complication that a heavy diet of fish may cause is the autism. It is important for you to know all these things for your pre pregnancy programs.
  • It is not just that the supplements of the Omega 3 fish oil only risk a high consumption of heavy metals, but there are other dangers as well. Another risk is that the heavy intake of fish may also cause a heavy consumption of transfatty acids. This usually occurs in a situation where the essential fatty acid is highly exposed to air or light during the procedure of packaging. You should always keep this thing in mind that it is not at all worth going for a heavy intake of overly cheap omega 3 EFA supplements. That is in no way healthy.
  • You are also highly recommended to allow at least 6 months for your pregnancy planning for nutrition.

Always remember that when it comes to nutrition Pre pregnancy planning, it is very important to take healthy diet, so make sure that you are eating from a wide range of foods and avoiding caffeine and alcohol intakes, and yes, no smoking please.

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