Pregnancy Delivery - Natural Birth

When it comes to pregnancy delivery, you are not alone if you are considering natural birth. Since most people worry about the side effects of various medications on their upcoming baby, most woman consider the drug-free natural birth as the best choice. However, there are various options available for natural pregnancy delivery. In order to have a better picture, it is important for you to know about the various options available to you.

Natural Pregnancy Delivery - Water Birthing

This is perhaps the most easiest options available to you if you are looking for a hassle free natural pregnancy delivery. In this form of the natural childbirth, the expectant mother is placed in a tub filled with warm water during the labor. Because of the warm water, the pelvic muscles get relaxed and this in turn helps in dilation.

In this form of the natural child birth, the expectant mother is able to gently push the baby from the womb directly into the warm water. Once, the baby is out, the midwife or the nurse hands over the baby in the mother’s arms. The best thing with this kind of natural delivery is that the baby is born peacefully and the expectant mother is saved from the usual hustle and bustle of the delivery room the hospital.

Natural Pregnancy Delivery - At Home

The second form of the natural pregnancy delivery is the one in which the expectant mother gives birth to the baby at home. There are still many couples who prefer the child birth at home in the presence of a midwife. In this form of childbirth, the bed is usually fitted with plastic sheets in order to provide protection. The best thing with this method of deliverey is that the expectant mother has the option to choose her kind of calming atmosphere. For this, she might want to use some kind of aromatherapy, soft music or low lighting.

Birthing Chair Assisted Natural Pregnancy Delivery

There is one more method available to you if you are looking for natural delivery of the baby. This is termed as birthing chair assisted natural delivery. In this method, the birthing chairs are used that allow the expectant mother to sit up during the labor. This method aims to take the benefit of gravity in order to make the natural delivery process much easier. There are various birthing centers and hospitals that offer the birthing chair assisted natural delivery as an alternative to the delivery table. These days, you can also find many midwives trained in this method of natural childbirth.

However, it is not just that you can choose any of these methods of childbirth for you. The availability of these methods for natural pregnancy delivery does not downsize the importance of the doctor. Therefore, it is very important for you to consult with your doctor before reaching any final decision. You need to healthy enough to go for these methods for natural pregnancy delivery.