Understanding The Signs Of Early Labor

Following are some of the signs of early labor.


Lightening is the term that is used when you feel as if the baby in your womb has dropped a bit lower. This is also the situation when you find your clothes fitting differently. This is an important sign of early labor, in which breathing will be much easier, but you may experience more frequent urination. This usually happens a few hours or sometimes a few weeks before the labor.

When Your Water Breaks

This sign of early pregnancy birth is also termed as rupture of membranes. Actually, there is a bag of water-like sack usually surrounding the baby during the pregnancy. Sometimes, this water bag may leak or break. When this happens, you will usually feel a mild tickle from your vagina. Sometimes, you may also experience a sudden gush of warm fluid from your vagina. This can happen anytime during labor or sometimes it can also happen a few hours before labor. When this happens, you must call your doctor, irrespective of whether or not you are having contractions or labor pains. You should also tell the doctor the color of the fluid coming from your vagina when the water bag leaks or breaks.

Braxton-Hicks Labor Pains

These are nothing but false contractions or labor-pains, but are an important aspect of pregnancy and childbirth. These contractions or pains usually go away when the expectant mother walks around or takes rest. These pins and contractions also go away when the expectant mother tries to sleep. The pregnant woman may feel these Braxton-Hicks labor pains in their abdomen but not in their back. This early labor sign gets stronger and closer together as soon as you get closer to labor.

Show Or Mucus Plug

The mucus plug is thick plug of mucus, which is formed during pregnancy in the bottom part of the uterus, known as cervix. When the cervix becomes softer and begins to unwrap, mucus plug comes out. This is apparent, pink, or somewhat red in color and it might be seen coming from the vagina. This is also a sign of early labor and this usually happens 3 days previous to you get into labor. If you have passed the mucus plug and now are experiencing bleeding from your vagina, it is not something very important which you should call the doctor for.

Energy Busts

Energy busts is also considered as one of the important signs of early pregnancy. The expectant may experience this several days before the labor begins.

When expectant mother experience these early signs of labor, it is always wise for them to consult their doctor before taking any medicine or step. Always remember that as soon as you get closer to early labor, the need of the doctor’s advice also becomes more important and even crucial both for you and your baby.

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