Understanding The Various Aspects Of Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling is the term that is used for the procedure in which patients or relatives who are facing the risk of an inherited disorder takes recommendations and valuable pieces of advice regarding the nature and consequences of the disorder. They are also adviced regarding the probabilities of transmitting or developing the same. Moreover, Genetic counseling also include educating them about the ways open to them regarding the family planning and management so that they could avoid, prevent or ameliorate it.

Aspects Of Genetic Counseling

    Genetic counseling is a complicated process, which is generally seen from the following two aspects.

  • The actual estimation of risk. This can be termed as diagnostic aspect, and
  • The supportive aspects

The Time For The Genetic Counseling

The period when the genetic counseling must take place can be categorized as following.

  • Before Conception.
  • Genetic counseling must take place when one or both of the male and female partners are carriers of a certain trait.

  • during pregnancy
  • if there is an abnormality noted in an ultrasound or if the pregnant woman is going to be over thirty five years of age at the time of delivery, this is the time when the couples must seek genetic counselling.

  • after birth
  • ifr you or your doctor find a birth defect, this is also the time for the genetic counselling.

  • during childhood
  • if the child has developmental delay, this should also be considered serious and the parents should go for the genetic counselling.

  • Adulthood

Yes, gentic counselling may also be helpful even if the chiold is going through the adulthood phase. Such a counselling can be very helpful for the onset genetic conditions of the adult. For example, in case of the Huntington's disease or hereditary cancer syndromes.

Who Provide Genetic Counselling

There are numerous genetic counselors who provide Prenatal genetic counseling at a high risk or specialty prenatal clinics. These clinics provide effective prenatal diagnosis. Again, when it comes to Pediatric and adult genetic counseling, there are varioius genetic centers run by a clinical geneticist who usually provide this service.

A genetic counsellor can be defined as the health professional who owns specialized graduate degrees and adequate and relevant experience in the field of medical genetics and counseling. Most of these professional come into the filed of genetic counselling from various sectors, such as biology, genetics, nursing, psychology, public health and social work. He or she can also tell you what is the best time to get pregnant.

Genetic counsellors are usually a member of the health care team whose job profile includes offering information and support to the couples who are facing problems regarding the birth defects or genetic disorders. They also provide education and support to the families who are possibly at risk for a number of inherited conditions. It is the job of thesze genetic counsellors to identify families at risk, and analyze the problems that the family is facing. They then interpret the information about the disorder and analyze the inheritance patterns and risks of recurrence. What is more, they also review the options available with that particular family.

In addition, genetic counseling also provides supportive counseling to a woman who want to get pregnant and the genetic counsellors serve as the advocates of the patients and refer individuals and couples to the community or state support services.

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