Various Stages Of Pregnancy Labor

If you know what you may expect during the various stages of pregnancy labor, it will help you get enough relief from some of the pain and stress associated with the same. In fact, when it comes to labor-pain relief, education is the best medicine. Therefore, it is very important for you understand the three stages of pregnancy. This way, you can prepare yourself for whatever is in hold for you. Let me give you an insight into these three stages of pregnancy labor.

The First Stage Of The Pregnancy Labor

The first stage of the pregnancy labor is also termed as the early signs of labor. In this stage of labor, the contraction starts and the cervix begin to dilate. Sometimes, the pregnant woman may also start to dilate days or even weeks before they actually experience any contractions. If you are one of those experiencing this, you need not worry because it is perfectly normal. In this stage of labor when the contractions start, you are supposed to get stronger and closer together. The good news is that, most of the times, the contractions during this stage of pregnancy does not cause much pain. You may feel mild pain, but you are still able to continue to move around freely.

The Second Stage Of The Pregnancy Labor

The second stage of the pregnancy labor is also termed as active natural labor. This is a happening stage when things begin to move at a bit faster pace. This second stage is the longest part of the pregnancy labor. This stage causes the cervix to dilate to ten centimeters. In this stage, the contractions will be more painful for you. In fact, this is the time when it is the time for you to go to the labor room. When this stage of labor ends, the pregnant woman must be prepared to go through a transition period. This is the time when the body starts preparing for the third and the last stage of pregnancy labor.

The Third Stage Of The Pregnancy Labor

This is the last stage of the pregnancy labor, in which the pregnant woman pushes the baby out. The mom is expected to play an important role here. When you start feeling an urge to push, this is a sign that the final stage of the pregnancy labor is reached and you must rush to the labor room. The nurse or the doctor will guide you at this stage to push with each contraction, but at the same time, resting in between. As soon as the head of the baby emerges, it is a sign that the end is also near. After the child birth, there is one more thing that you need to do – to deliver your placenta. However, you would not find it that difficult because you are very much likely to be preoccupied with the new baby to notice these.

Overall, if you have an idea of what happens in the various stages of pregnancy labor, things will probably become much easier for you because you will be mentally prepared for everything.