Top 5 United States Veterans

Top 5 United States Veterans

Veterans are the people who have served the United States military in the world wars, literally word veteran means the experienced person. United States has seen many great warriors in all of its wars, the military of United States fights at it best for the protection of its country and allies. Americans celebrate Veterans Day on 11th November every year in order to honor the veterans who served the country in the wars and peace times. America has history of wonderful, brave and courageous veterans who remarkably served people; some of them are listed below:

Top 5 United States Veterans

Hans Landauer

Hans Landauer born on April 21st, 1921 from Austria and at present he is 90 years old and he fought for United States in Spanish Civil War. Spanish Civil War started as a right wing rebellion against the leftist Republican government of Spain. Francisco Franco was a Nationalist Republican and he rebelled against the Republican enemies. Hans Landauer fought on the Republican side and joined in the war on February 12th, 1937 and was injured on September 4, 1937. He was arrested 1 year after Francisco Franco won the war in 1939 and was admitted to the concentration camps.

Florence Beatrice Green

Florence Beatrice Green was born on 19th February, 1901 in United Kingdom. She joined women’s royal air force in September 1918 at the very young age of 17 years and she used to serve as an officers’ mess steward. She is among the 10 oldest people in Britain and was discovered as Great War veteran in January 2010.

Jozef Kowalski

Jozef Kowalski; one of the bravest veteran was born on 2nd February, 1900 and has recently died at the age of 112 years. He is not only the oldest living man of Poland but is also the oldest military veteran on the entire globe. Jozef Kowalski was known and identified as the single living and confirmed veteran of 1919-1921 Polish-Soviet War.

Kowalski was an important member of World War II September campaign and after that he was detained in a concentration camp.

Guillermo Flores Reyes

He was born in 1898 and is still ought to be alive. He fought in Mexican Revolution. Mexican revolution started in 1910 and was led by Fransisco I. The revolution changed in to a form of civil war of different dimensions with time. The war continued with a massive bloodshed throughout 1920. Guillermo Flores Reyes is the veteran who is known to be alive whereas the war ended in 1920 with the adaption of Mexican constitution.

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World has seen many great veterans since forever who have served with the best of potential to make world a better place and to protect the democracy. Veterans experience great respect and value by the people as people really honour them in different ways. Veterans are highly valued throughout the world and particularly in United States. Veterans are honoured and thanked in many different ways for the sacrifices they made for the well being of the country and people.