Veterans Day 2022 Free meals On Applebee Starbucks And Subway

Veterans Day 2022 Free meals On Applebee Starbucks And Subway

Veterans Day is the day celebrated cheerfully in the United States. Veterans Day approaches on 11th November every year in United States and brings a lot of patriotism and joy among the Americans. While all the Americans get overwhelmed in cheerfulness and arrange various ceremonies to celebrate the day, famous restaurant chains in America even don’t lack behind in any way. Some of the most renowned restaurants in America provide free meals for the Veterans and all other army officials. The restaurants provide various sorts of free meals on meeting the certain criteria of being eligible for the free or discounted meals.

Veterans Day 2022 Free meals On Applebee Starbucks And Subway

The most well known international food chain restaurants provide special meals for veterans and army officials on Veterans Day, some of the meals by famous restaurants are listed below:

Applebee’s free meal on Veterans Day

On Veterans Day Applebee’s provides different free meals to all the veterans and US Army officials. Applebee’s menu includes various meals available all day from open till close. Applebee’s offer special signature thank you menu incorporates some of the most famous Applebee’s items. The thank you menu of Applebee’s offers a 7 oz. House Sirloin, The American Standard All-In Burger, Three-Cheese Chicken Penne, Fiesta Lime Chicken, Double Crunch Shrimp, Chicken Tenders Platter or Oriental Chicken Salad. The Applebee’s thank you menu is opened to all the Veterans and army officials who have a proof of serving the US military.

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Starbucks free meal on Veterans Day

Starbucks coffee is one of the most known coffee shops in the world. Starbucks is the leading coffee and bakery items provider in the world. Starbucks also offers its special brewed coffee of 12oz free of cost to all the veterans and army officials who show a proof of serving the United States armed forces.

Subway free meal on Veterans Day

Subway a well known restaurant and a leading food chain service in the world also participates whole heartily in thanking the Veterans. Subway offers a free 6 inch free subway meal on the Veterans Day. Only by showing the military ID card veterans and army officials can enjoy the free subway meal. Subway’s special thank you meal shows the consideration of the restaurant to participate generously.


The Veterans Day free meals by different leading food chains shows the concern and participation of people in honoring the people who have given a lot of themselves to serve and to protect the country. The Veterans Day is indeed a day of great honor and patriotism and the respectful yet joyful spirit of the people makes it really possible to make the veterans and other armed officials feel special on the day which is solely and truly devoted to them only. Some restaurants also offer pretty discounts and best deals on all their menus. The restaurants participate fully in showing love and in thanking the most well deserved people of the country and the most amazing facts is that these statistics are growing every passing year.

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