Important Information About First Trimester Pregnancy

You may have recently heard the words from your doctor, “Congratulations, you are pregnant!”. Or perhaps you have seen positive results from your pregnancy test this morning. You are now ready to embark on your first trimester of pregnancy no matter how the results came to light. Since you will be seeing a host of changes in your body over the next few months you will probably have many questions and even more concerns.

By Gibran G.Selman, Important Information About First Trimester Pregnancy

What Can You Expect During First Trimester Pregnancy? The advantage is the fact that there are many resources available to help educate yourself about what is coming. Because of the risk of complications and the uncomfortable symptoms you may experience the first trimester of a pregnancy can be the most difficult. However, you can take heart since the first trimester pregnancy only lasts about twelve weeks and the second trimester often has less symptoms. During these first weeks of adjusting to being pregnant it can be a good idea if possible to take it a little easier on yourself and your body.

Fatigue, nausea, light-headedness and breast tenderness are some of the symptoms that come with a first trimester pregnancy. If possible this is a good time to squeeze in a little extra sleep. Some extra rest right now will definitely benefit your body.

To help you throughout the pregnancy it is also a good time to start developing some good nutrition habits. You will probably start feeling better in a few short weeks even if nausea curbs your appetite right now and you can get through the rest of your nine months with a good diet.

You may only see your doctor every four weeks during the first trimester of your pregnancy.Using an Early Pregnancy Test You doctor will make sure the early development of your baby goes smoothly by screening you for potential risks and complications. You will probably be scheduled for many other routine tests to ensure that both you and your baby progress normally after the first trimester pregnancy. It will usually be early enough if problems are detected to alleviate the risk to mother and child.

There are things you can begin to do during the first trimester of your pregnancy to prepare for the birth of your baby even if nine months seems like a long time. You can begin by reading any of the many pregnancy books to inform yourself of what is coming. You can start window shopping for maternity clothes, plan a budget for a larger family and work on travel plans around your pregnancy.

This is the time to enjoy your life most of all. While symptoms and anxiety may fill the first trimester it is also a great time for anticipation and excitement Pregnancy Diary.

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