Fertility - How To Achieve Successful Pregnancy

Fertility is the ability to conceive while the inability to conceive a child despite the fact that the couples tried for one year is usually termed as infertility. As per the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, there are more than five million Americans and more than ten percent of the percent of the reproductive age population that are facing the problems of infertility.

Using Condoms

This might be ironical, but it is true that by using condoms, you can save yourself from the problems of male or female infertility. This is in fact one of the best protection against infertility. Let me clarify. Actually, the use of condoms saves you from the sexually transmitted disease and this is the sexually transmitted disease that is the major cause of infertility.

As per a research, there only twenty percent of women who is planning a pregnancy and she also become pregnant in the very first evolution cycle in which they tried. It is very important for you to understand that in order to achieve pregnancy, the couple must have sexual intercourse during the fertile time of the month.

What Is The Woman’s Fertile Time Of The Month

The time right after or before the ovulation is considered as the best fertile time for the women in a particular month. However, you should also keep in mind that there is no way to exactly find out the exact day of ovulation. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have the sexual intercourse usually during the approximate time because in that case, you can effectively maximize the possibilities of conception.

Time To Go For A Health-Care Professional

When a year has been passed, but still the frequent sexual intercourse without contraception did not result in a successful pregnancy, it is the time to make an appointment with the health-care professional for an evaluation and conception planning. However, there are also various cases when it does make sense to seek assistance of the health-care professional for the problems associated with fertility even before the end of a year. For example, if a woman is over thirty years of age, she may go for an earlier evaluation. The reason is that after a woman crosses the age of thirty, she faces a slow decline in her ability to get pregnant. If she is much older, the chances of miscarriage also become greater.

Cases When Earlier Ovulation Is Recommended

There are various cases when it is good for the couple to seek earlier ovulation.

If there are irregularities in the menstruating period of the woman, it might be a sign that indicates an absence of ovulation. In such cases, it is almost impossible for her to conceive without medical help.

If the woman has already faced more than three miscarriages, it is also the time to go for the medical help. In addition, if the man has had a previous partner who had faced more than three miscarriages, in that case also, the couple must seek proper medical help in order to make the woman able to conceive.

If the male or the female partner is facing certain infections, it may also affect fertility sometimes. For example, pelvic infection in a woman, or mumps or prostate infection in a man may lead to incapability of the woman to conceive.

Thus, when it comes to fertility, there are various factors that you need to take into your careful consideration.

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