The Importance Of Cord Blood Banking

When a woman becomes pregnant, it is important for her to have knowledge regarding the cord blood banking. If you are pregnant, you likely have got information about cord blood banking. This is a chance for you to bank your kid’s umbilical cord blood. When you bank cord blood, it is stored so that after some time in future, it can be used when required. There are several important reasons why parents should consider cord blood banking.

Cord Blood Banking Is Life Saving

Cord blood comprises of very crucial tissues, which can help in growing an optimal immune system for the one who has fallen ill. It is not just that this cord blood can be used for your child only, but it can also be used by others who are having the same type of blood and tissue. However, cord blood banking is a bit pricey especially when you have it done privately. But, at the same time, it can also be life saving. Since it can save lives, this is the obvious reason why parents and couples should go for it.

Treatment Of Diseases And Conditions

Stem cell cord blood tissues can also be used for the treatment of diseases and conditions. These diseases and conditions include leukemia, sickle cell disease, myelodysplastic anemia, plasma cell disorder, syndrome, lymphoma, inherited red cell abnormality, neuroblastoma and myeloma. At present, there are over seventy five various immune deficiencies, diseases, and other conditions that require cord blood for a successful treatment. With the advancing growth in the stem cell research, in future, it is very much possible to use the cord blood for the effective treatment of various other diseases and conditions.

Family Medical History

If you have a family medical history regarding these diseases or it is just that your child is having a predisposition to any of these conditions or diseases, it is very important for you to seriously consider the cord blood banking. Parents of those children who belong to ethnic or racial minorities or parents of those children who have been conceived from in vitro fertilization are highly recommended to bank cord blood. The simple reason is that it is much more difficult to figure out bone marrow match in such cases. Only fifty percent of people who require bone marrow or stem tissue transplantation are possibly to find an appropriate donor to provide the same.

Ways To Store The Cord Blood

There are two ways to accumulate the cord blood of your baby. If you choose to go for the public cord blood banking, the blood of your baby is taken through the umbilical cord, and stored cryogenically so that it can be used by anybody who is in need of the same. However, you should also keep in mind that when you preserve cord blood in a private bank, it could only be utilized for your child or other family members as and when required.

The sad part is that still cord blood donations are not taking place in sufficient conditions that could provide for the essential help required for the treatment of conditions such as cancer and leukemia. However, since now more people are considering cord blood banking, both privately as well as publicly, the chances are good that more miracles can happen.