How Many World War II Veterans are alive in 2022

How Many World War II Veterans are alive in 2022

World War II is one of the most tragic wars in the history of 20th century and is always remembered as the time of chaos and mortality but there are many Veterans who survived all this and are known to be the bravest in the history. Veterans are the people who have served United States in the times of war and peace and Americans honour Veterans more than anything.

How Many World War II Veterans are alive yet

Many survived in World War II but not many are still alive and in good shape but yes there are few people who are alive still today. As the days have been passing rapidly the number of the Veterans is declining. The number of participant of United States Armed forces who participated in World War II were 16,112,566, out of which 291,557 died in the field battles during the War and 113,842 died in the other services during the war and 670,846 were injured nut not fiercely as they come under the category of non-mortal wounds. In the recent project of Department of Veterans Affairs calculated that around 1,017,208 American War Veterans are still alive by year 2014.

As the number of Veterans are declining day by day because of the age factor and natural illnesses Department of Veterans Affairs calculated that almost 413 veterans are dying on the daily basis in United States. it is also predicted that by the year 2036 there would be no Veterans alive in United States as most of the living veterans are in their 90s. As according to the research in 1944 the average soldier was 26 years old and there were many younger till then but as the time fades Veterans are being removed from United States because of the old age. It is also estimated via a research that with every 3 passing minutes, United States is losing a Veteran and a great memory of World War is being disappeared.

Therefore the Americans are so passionate when it comes to Veterans; they want to give all the honour to the 20th century Veterans, before there aren’t any left. It is sure from the love Americans have for Veterans Day is that the Veterans Day is going to be celebrated with same passion and energy forever but the living veterans are surely a treasure for United States and it is valued in the same way by Americans.

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It is evident from the statistics that United States Veterans are soon going to be disappeared but the value Americans have for Veterans is hopefully never going to diminish. Veterans are regarded greatly in United States as they had sacrificed everything they had during the war times and fought only for the betterment of United States. So before the time passes, United States government and folks are making every effort to thank and honour the veterans in every possible way which is quite clear by the celebrations and ceremonies held every year with growing scope and awareness.

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