US Navy World War II Veterans

US Navy World War II Veterans

US Navy World War II Veterans - Veterans are the people who served United States in any of the Armed forces including Army, Navy, And Air force etc in times of war and peace. Americans honor their veterans greatly and every year on 11th November Veterans Day is observed to honor and thank all those who served the country.

The following are US Navy World War II Veterans

In the last century America has faced many wars and has been an active part of the biggest wars of century. Million soldiers died and millions survived in all those wars. Underneath are the few Veterans of Navy who served in World War II:

Brad Anderson

Born of 14th May 1924, Brad Anderson is the famous cartoonist of America and is owner of the comic strip. Brad served United States Navy till 1946 and then continued his career as cartoonist. Brad did his graduation in 1951 in fine arts with majors in advertising.

Gene Amdahl

Gene Amdahl is the famous name in world of high technology entrepreneurs also he is occupationally computer architect and is renowned work for IBM and Mainframe computers and then for his own companies later on. Gene is son of the immigrants Norwegian and Swedish parents. Gene served the United States Navy in World War II and then he finished his engineering degree from Dakota University of United States. He also studied further and excelled in every field he stepped in.

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Philip Warren Anderson

A very well known name Philip Warren Anderson is the Nobel Prize winner and he is physicist occupationally. Warren completed his undergrad and grad studies from Harvard University along with the war time stint at the United States Naval Research Laboratory. Philip Served United States Navy during World War II and then continued his career in research.

Russell Baker

Russell Baker is the famous novelist and columnist and he is renowned for his commentary and his famous autobiography “growing up”. Baker has entirely written and edited 17 books in his writing career. Baker is also the well known author of the famous columns in the renowned National newspapers like The Newyork Times, the Saturday Evening Post and many others. Baker served United States Navy in World War II and then continued his career of writing.

Harry Belafonte

Harry Belafonte is the well known song writer and singer as well as actor and social activist. Belafonte has been part of political industry and armed forces of United States. He was born of March 1st, 1927. He attended the George Washington High School and then joined the United States Navy. Belafonte served United States Navy in World War II. Belafonte joined dramatics school after Navy and completed his education.

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As many died during the World War II but many survived as well and pursued their careers in different fields. There are many Veterans who served United States Navy and have successful lives even after serving in one of the biggest wars of century at very young ages.

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