Important Factors For Successful Conception And Fertilization

There are various important factors that seek your careful consideration when it comes to ensuring a successful conception and fertilization. The causes and treatment of infertility is usually very complicated. If you want to get pregnant successfully, you must take care of the numerous factors associated with the same. The reason why many couples do not achieve a safe, secure and a successful pregnancy is just because they did not care for all these factors. Make sure you are not one of them.

Factors Associated With The Successful Conception And Fertilization

Following are soma of the factors that play a vital role in a successful conception and fertilization.

The first thing that plays a crucial role in achieving a successful pregnancy is the viral and proper quantity of sperm of the male partner. If the male partner is facing the problem of low sperm count, the good news is that there are various sperm count enhancers technique available.

The frequency of the sexual intercourse must also be adequate keeping in mind the woman's ovulation time.

Another thing that is very important is that there must be an optimal free passageway for the eggs so that they could travel through the fallopian tube and come in contact with the sperm that is coming up through the tube. This is the only way that can lead to a successful fertilization.

Next factor is the product of the fertilization. Timely transportation of these products and that too in an adequate quantity is very important. It must be properly transported down to the uterus so that the implantation and development procedure could take place.

Again, it is equally important for the sperm to have a proper free passageway so that they could get through the cervix into the uterus. This will allow them up into the fallopian tube and come in contact with the female egg and fertilize.

A sound and healthy uterine cavity with proper uterine lining is also very important. However, this must also be conducive to development and implantation of the pregnancy.

Male Factor

Now let’s talk about the male factor. When it comes to Conception and fertilization, male factor is responsible for forty to fifty percent of the problems associated with infertility. Moreover, out of this number, there are only ten to twenty percent of men who have no mature and motile sperm at all. This is termed as azoospermia. In general conditions, an absolute sperm count of sixteen million is accurate, while a count of less than five million usually result in sterility.

Thus, In order to evaluate infertility or to assess the chances of getting pregnant, it is always good to divide the factors that play an important role in achieving a successful conception as following.

  • Sperm count and quality that can also be termed as Male Factor
  • Regularity and frequency of ovulation that can also be termed as Ovarian factor
  • Clear and free passage to sperm and egg that can be termed as the Tubal factor
  • Clear passage from the vagina to sperm that can also be termed as Cervical factor
  • Proper quantity of tissue and space for the fertilized egg so that they could implant and grow. This is also termed as Uterine factor.

Overall, it is good for you to have knowledge regarding the Conception and fertilization.